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The Ancient City of Tharros

Penisola SinisTharros was founded by Phoenicians during the 8th century B.C. It is located in the municipality of Cabras, in the Sinis Mainland. The archeological site of Tharros bewitches visitors both for the ruins of the old commercial town and for its geographical position looking over Oristano Gulf and farther The Monte Linasrange. Dominating the Tharros ruins there is The San Giovanni Tower built with the stones of Tharros, already abandoned in the 10th century A.C. because of the constant raids north African pirates perpetuated for years along Sardinian coasts. These constant incursions pushed local people to move inland where today we find Oristano, a safer place surrounded by lots of marshes.

From Tharros, after 5 km., we can reach “San Marco” Cape, the northern promontory of the Oristano Gulf, where an old lighthouse represents the extreme point of Sinis Mainland. Sinis is the depression ara of Oristano region, separated from it by extensive sandy strips.

This is a lagoon which extends for 450 hectares, deep from 0.5 m to 1 m. During summer time, when the sea level falls, the sea floor re-emerges and the lagoon is divided into dozens of small marshes. There is not a large exchange withmarine water or with fresh water; for this reason, salinity level, so low in winter, is even higher than the sea salinity level. Consequently, waters are really salty with the typical flora and fauna of this kind of habitat: eel, mullet and the more exquisite: gilthead breambass and shellfishes.

This environment, characterized by constant winds, salinity and low rains, has favoured the presence of remarkable animal species, above of all: many birds. The most common birds are: pink flamingoscormorant, marsh harrier,herring gull, sea partridgeheron. Ornithologicallyspeaking, Sinis is one of the most important areas of Sardinia.

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