giovedì 27 marzo 2014

"Is Zuddas" Caves

The beautiful caves “Is Zuddas are into the limestone of Meana Mountain, 235 meters above sea level, 6 km away from the town of Santadi, a sheep-farming and agricultural centre in the Sulcis, the deep south-west of Sardinia.  
These caves stretch for an overall length of around 1650 m., even if the tourist trail is limited to 500 m.  Along the trail the tourist visits a number of stately chambers, each of which is distinguished and differentiated for the particular characteristics of the concretions. 
Among the most beautiful chambers you’ll find, it is that known as the “ Organ Chamber”, the name of which is due to a stalactite-stalagmite column that looks like a pipe organ, at the base of which are coralloid aragonites, stalagmites, castings, stalactites and tubular formations, while the walls are covered in the white needle-shaped aragonites. After a short tunnel we enter the “Theatre Chamber”, imposing and very beautiful, and finishing in the “Room of the Eccentrics”, adorned by the incredibly rare eccentric aragonites, whose horizontal formations have not yet been explained by the researchers and this constitutes the most interesting peculiarity of the “Is Zuddas” caves; in fact, that aspect makes these caves unique in the world. Moreover, from some years in the “Organ Chamber”, an enchanting nativity set has been prepared during the Christmas period.

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